Exterior & Interior Detailing



Our premier detailing services refine the art of automotive care.

With a meticulous approach, we transform your car’s interior into a haven of luxury and comfort. From deep cleaning using hot extraction shampoo and conditioning of upholstery to revitalizing interior surfaces, Our expert team is dedicated to enhancing every aspect of your vehicle, both inside and out. We ensure a refined cabin after every detail.

Stepping outside we detail your vehicles exterior with precision and passion. We go beyond the surface, meticulously hand-detailing every curve and contour to unveil the true beauty of your vehicle’s exterior. Our techniques protect the paint and restore it to a showroom shine. Our detailing services are a testament to our commitment to excellence.


Experience the epitome of automotive pampering with Detailing Niagara, where every detail matters.


Unveil the true potential of your vehicle as we lavish it with meticulous attention and advanced techniques, restoring its beauty and ensuring it stands out wherever you go.

Thorough Hand Wash and Paint Decontamination:
A gentle, hand wash followed by a meticulous decontamination process removes dirt, grime, and environmental contaminants from the surface, preparing it for the next steps.

Wheel, Tire, and Trim Treatment:
Every inch of your vehicle receives meticulous attention, including your wheels, tires, and exterior trim. We restore their original luster, adding the perfect finishing touch to your car’s overall aesthetic.

Thorough Vacuuming and Upholstery Cleaning:
All nooks and crannies are meticulously vacuumed, and upholstery is gently cleaned and detailed with brushes to remove dust, dirt, and debris, leaving a fresh and inviting interior environment.

Deep Fabric & Leather Conditioning:
Our specialized treatments nourish and protect leather surfaces while hot extraction shampoo revitalizes fabric materials, ensuring they remain supple and vibrant over time.

Comprehensive Dashboard and Console Care:
Every surface is treated with care, from the dashboard and console to door panels and center console. We detail & rejuvenate interior trims, plastics, and vinyl, leaving them with a factory-fresh look.

Interior Glass and Mirror Cleaning:
Crystal-clear visibility period. Our detailing artisans expertly clean interior glass and mirrors, ensuring your view remains unobstructed and free from smudges.

Premium Wax and Sealant Application:
A premium wax or sealant is carefully selected to provide long-lasting protection and enhance the depth of your vehicle’s color, creating a lustrous, mirror-like shine

Revitalize your vehicle with our complete interior and exterior detailing package. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience automotive pampering like never before. Your journey begins, at Detailing Niagara.

Pricing can differ per vehicle, your vehicle may be cleaner or dirtier so we have packages to fit each customer’s needs!
Pet hair and odour removal are often included but may be extra in some cases.


Starting at:
Cars $235 to $265

SUV’s $275 to $315

Trucks/Van’s $305 to $365






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Detailing Niagara
Detailing Niagara
179 Google reviews
Another great experience at detailing niagara with Brett and his team. Had my car detailed and I still can't get over how great the interior and exterior look
Brittany Volchert
Brittany Volchert
AMAZING!!! My first interaction was with Brent over the phone. He is booked solid however, after debriefing him on my situation, he explained I could come in whenever it was convenient for me….to at least get an odour eliminator sprayed on the interior of my car. Long story short, I helped a friend transport, her cat, and this cat sprayed in my car. After calling several shops, Brent was able to help me and at NO CHARGE!!!! Just an act of kindness. So back to the “short story”, although he was booked solid, he sprayed the odour eliminator, and I now have an appointment booked to get the vehicle detailed. My overall impression with this company was fantastic to say the least. I would recommend Brent and his colleagues to anyone and everyone!!!!!
Korinne Antaya
Korinne Antaya
I have had my truck for 8 years and it has seen every manner of abuse. Dogs, muddy dogs, running a busy and messy interior design business… I have abused this truck. This business returned my truck to actual showroom condition. Immaculate. I didn’t think it was possible. Even my floor mats are brand new again. I cannot recommend these guys enough.
Lee Stewart
Lee Stewart
Had some unfortunate scratches from someone in a parking lot. They did a great job buffing it out for me. Very kind, knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend going here for all your detailing.
Highly recommend Detailing Niagara. With 2 children and a dog my van needed much love with a good interior clean. I received it here! Brett was very prompt with returning emails/text. The van took all day to clean but I was prepared and extremely happy with the end result.
Mike Bowman
Mike Bowman
Top shelf detailing shop. Very happy with the work and turnaround time. Both our F450 and F150 were completed on the days we booked them in and looked awesome inside and out when we picked them up.
santiago tobon
santiago tobon
Great service and very knowledgeable. Brett is easy to communicate with and does great work. Will be coming back for sure.
Blain Gallienne
Blain Gallienne
Best detailing in Niagara! The knowledge of the owner and his staff created a lot of trust for me, he let’s me know what’s good and what’s not. Being a repeat customer is where you truly get the best service and unbeatable prices. I will be sticking with Brett and his team for as long as I own a vehicle.
Ayanah Williams
Ayanah Williams
Nothing but the best! From first point of contact to actual bringing in our vehicle. Thank you to Brett and his team! We brought our 2018 Durango to get the visor strip tinted and were provided with amazing service. It was quick and efficient. Also, when it was finished I was brought over to the vehicle and given an explanation about the tint and the legal line which was appreciated! You can tell Brett really cares about his customers and provides amazing service to everyone that comes in! I will definitely be returning in the future!